Can’t Get a Bank Loan?

OCM Is Your Only Alternative for Commercial Mortgage Lending

Commercial Mortgage Brokers work with many lenders to find the right loan for their clients. Commercial Mortgage Brokers have the ability to shop on behalf of their clients. Brokers represent the best interest of their client, give good advice and help through the loan underwriting, loan process and the structuring of the loan. Commercial Mortgage Brokers can help you determine the best loan product that meets your long and short term needs. Do not be afraid to ask your commercial mortgage broker all types of questions. Ask what will be the origination fee and/or processing fee to be charged on the loan. However, keep in mind that your Commercial Mortgage Broker does not get paid unless he or she closed the loan. The primary goal for your commercial mortgage broker is to get your Commercial Mortgage Loan approve by the bank or banks. Let your Commercial Mortgage Broker know what is important to you and what’s your top priority when dealing with complicated loan request.

Commercial Loan Documentation 

Owner Occupied Property:

Any property where the source of the loan repayment is the owners business.


3 Years Business P&L and Balance Sheet

3 Years Business Tax Returns with All Schedules

3 Years Personal Tax Returns with All Schedules

Personal Financial Statement

Purchase Contract for Purchases

Credit Report


Insurance Information

Payoff Information.


Investment Property:

Any property where rents are collected and are the main source of repayment.


Rent Rolls

3 Years P&L

3 Years Personal and Business Tax Returns with All Schedules

Personal Financial Statements

Purchase Contract for Purchase Loans.

Lease Agreements



Payoff Information.

The Difference Between Us and The Local Institution.


Options Commercial Mortgage
Competitive commercial mortgage rates. Variety of flexible loan options. Swift loan processing. Your One-Stop Commercial Mortgage Lending Shop! Local appraisers and environmental engineers. We can get the loan when the banks aren’t interested in working with you. Competitive commercial mortgage rates. Variety of flexible loan options. Swift loan processing. One-Stop Commercial Mortgage Lending Shop. Local appraisers and environmental engineers. We can get the loan when the banks aren’t interested in working with you!
How We Help You
We help find the best mortgage by: Talking to you about your financial situation and goals. Finding and explaining financing options available to you. Working with you to get preapproved for a CRE mortgage. Handling the paperwork and interactions with the lenders. Heading off any possible problems that may come up during underwriting/processing. Reviewing and verify loan documentation before
Loan Origination
Options Commercial Mortgage  primary activity is the process by which commercial real estate investors  and business owners apply for a new loan and our investment banks and partner lenders process the application.  OCM helps clients with the lender selection, collection and review of the financial documentation, then pulling of credit reports and asset verification and site visit.
Lending & Product Research
As a commercial mortgage broker Options Commercial Mortgage have a wide range of lenders, products, pricing and services that can be executed on behalf of our clients. More often than not loans do not fit the banking system and research must be conducted to find the right lender partner to work with our borrower property type or credit type. Research is a big part of being a commercial mortgage broker and a significant amount of time is allocated to find new lending products or lending partner.
Loan Underwriting
This critical part of the loan process is done at the lender level with some minor underwriting done by Options Commercial Mortgage prior to package being deliver to prospective investment bank.  Underwriting is the process of analyzing credit for the commercial real estate loans. Some of the basic analysis done is to help us determine if the lender will be interested in the lending facility or the lender we need to target for the specific loan we are considering.
The Local Financial Institution
Has conservative lending guidelines. Limited loan options. Lengthily processing time.
Why You Need Options Commercial Mortgage?
We have regular contact with a wide variety of wholesale lenders, some whom you may not even know about. We save you time and steer you away from difficult lenders. We have access to flexible non-traditional loan programs not offer by the local bank.
Loan Application
Is the process by which Options Commercial Mortgage makes a formal loan request to a lender or investment bank with certain information in anticipation for a credit decision. Information given to partner lenders includes property address, asset type, credit, tenant structure, size, capital sources, vacancy rate, location, quality of the real estate and the feasibility of the company or individual buying the asset.
Loan Closing
Closing of the loan is the process and date when the mortgage deed and loan documents are signed, delivered and loan proceeds given to the seller or/and borrower. This is the actual date the real estate contract is conveyed by seller, buyer and bank and other interested parties in the transaction. In most cases Options Commercial Mortgage would assist in the closing process by providing information, emailing documents and requesting funds. However, the final party responsible for closing is the financial institution funding the loan. Sale: Is the actual exchange of funds between broker, buyer, seller and other interested parties in the loan transaction.
Market Analysis
The financial industry is a fast moving industry with many moving parts that can affect how each lender’s appetite for loans move from one side of the spectrum to another. Options Commercial Mortgage Team expend a significant amount of time reading, listening and watching financial news that affect the economy and stock markets in the US and around the world. OCM stay update on how world economies react to different market fluctuations in gas prices, commodities prices, GDP or other important data that affect interest rates and how companies buy or sale real estate. At the local level OCM stay involved in the community and participate in the local area economy with the many organizations working on economic development.